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Thread: PI LICENSING: No Dakota

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    PI LICENSING: No Dakota


    43-30-02. Exemptions:
    1. Any person making any investigation of any matter in which that person or the person by whom that person is solely employed is interested or involved.
    2. Any person making any investigation for any person engaged in the business of transporting persons or property in interstate commerce.
    3. Any person whose business is the furnishing of information as to the business and financial standing and credit of persons.
    4. Any adjuster or investigator representing an insurance company.
    5. Any investigator or officer employed by or under any contract with the federal government, state, or any county or city thereof, appointed, elected, or contracted with, by due authority of law, while engaged in the performance of official duties.
    6. Any state's attorney.
    7. Any attorneys or counselors at law in the regular practice of their profession.


    93-02-01.1-01. Qualifications for individuals providing private investigative services.

    To receive and maintain any license or registration from the board to provide private investigative services, an individual first must:
    1. Be at least eighteen years of age.
    2. Be a high school graduate or hold the equivalent of a high school diploma.
    3. Have not been convicted or adjudged guilty in any jurisdiction of one of the following offenses or its equivalent in another jurisdiction, including juvenile adjudication that the individual has engaged in similar conduct: any felony, any class A or B misdemeanor involving an act of violence or intimidation as defined in North Dakota Century Code chapters 12.1-16 through 12.1-25 and chapter 12.1-31.2 or involving controlled substances as defined in North Dakota Century Code chapter 19-03.1, any offense involving theft as defined in North Dakota Century Code chapter 12.1-23, including shoplifting; or any other offense which must be reported to the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation under North Dakota Century Code section 12.1-32-15. This subsection will not prohibit the board from issuing a license or registration to an individual if the board determines the offense does not have a direct bearing upon the individual's ability to provide private investigative services to the public and the individual has been sufficiently rehabilitated pursuant to the provisions of North Dakota Century Code section 12.1-33-02.1, or a full pardon has been granted.
    4. Be free of mental condition or defect, which would interfere with the individual's ability to provide services in a professional and competent manner.
    5. Have not committed an act which the board determines is indicative of bad moral character and which has a direct bearing on the applicant's ability to serve the public, including but not limited to offenses other than those listed in subsection three of this section.

      The requirements in this section are in addition to any other qualifications established in this chapter. Each individual who is required to meet the qualifications of this section has a continuing duty to notify the board of any conviction or adjudication of guilt of an offense described in subsection three of this section within fourteen days of the conviction or adjudication. For individuals who are licensed or registered by the board on the effective date of this section, or who are officers or owners of at least a ten-percent interest in a licensed agency on the effective date of this section, this section applies only to convictions or adjudication of guilt which occur after the effective date of this section.

      93-02-01.1-02 Licensing of individual providing private investigative services.
    6. An individual providing private investigative services must obtain a license from the board to provide those services unless the individual is registered as an employee of an agency which is licensed under this chapter and is providing those services within the scope of his or her employment with the agency. This section does not apply to individuals who are exempt from the board's jurisdiction under North Dakota Century Code section 43-30-02.
    7. An individual is qualified to be licensed to provide private investigative services if the individual has passed an examination conducted by or under the supervision of the board within the twelve moths preceding the date of the individual's application for the license and has provided two thousand hours of private investigative services as a registered employee of a detective agency. The experience requirement in this subsection does not apply to an individual who holds a license on the effective date of this section unless the individual's license lapses and is not renewed within one year pursuant to section 93-02-03-03

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    Re: PI LICENSING: No Dakota

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