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Thread: Newcomer? Do these Newcomer Instructions FIRST!

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    If you are reading this topic, then you already have an assigned User Name and password - which was your first instruction. Therefore, you can disregard Instruction #1


    Have you posted your Agreement to the Oath and Code of Ethics?
    If not, click on the following link:

    Read it, and then post a Quick Reply that you agree

    (Note: Although your previous online application for a password required you to agreed to the Code of Ethics, Forum Rules, Oath, and Mission Statement - this requirement is necessary for your posting privileges on the forums)


    Have you posted your Introduction yet?
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      Click here:

      Why Post your Introduction? Because your personal introduction topic can serves as your official home base in case you get lost or need to ask for directions from our online moderators and trainers. Also, many agency owners read the introductions.

      But before you post your introduction, read the other introductions first. Some are better than others.

      Click here:

    • If you must post a question, then please start your own Introduction Topic in the Forum Introductions Lounge first. Moderators will guide you from your own topic to where you can easily find the information you are looking for. Otherwise, if you start posting New Topics asking for information, the moderators will simply move your duplicated topics back to your Introduction Topic where they will remind you for the earlier links to navigate the forums.


    Do you have Level 1 Access and wish to gain Level 3 & Level 4 Access?

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    • FREE PI agency employment introductions & referrals *
    Simply go to the following secured web site and choose today a union plan (for as low as $99/year):

    Or, speak to an agent at 800-548-1526.


    If you have completed the above items, then you are ready to engage in the many topics in the other forums by participating with your ideas.

    Make sure you FIRST REVIEW the following "Most Often Questions Asked" items by clicking on the Short-Cut links:

    Most Often Questions Asked:
    1. What is the Better Business Bureau's current Rating for the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU)?


      To verify IPIU has an A+ rating: Click here

    2. Wish to post your email address to other private investigators? Go here: Instructions Link

    3. How do I contact IPIU?
      Sales Only: 800-548-1526
      All other calls: 406-534-0251
      Email: Click here
      Other worldwide locations: Click Here

    4. Are you already a Licensed Professional? If so, CLICK HERE for more details.

    5. If you are a Newcomer here, then you probably only have Level 1 Access to 16-20 forums instead of all 100+ forums. Do not be surprised if you are asked for your User Name and Password when trying to enter a restricted forum.

      You should first read the Level Access Topic to determine which forums you have access to:

      Click here: Level Access Details

    6. Have you posted any comment on the forums yet? If so, look for any of your previous comments where your User Name appears. Under your User Name will be your location (such as your state or country), PLUS the number of "comments" you have posted to date.

      If your total comments are UNDER 20, then we suspect you may not have acquired the skills to navigate all of the 100 public and private forums on this website, many of which are assignment orientation topics, etc. Therefore, follow all of these instructions BEFORE you take on any assignments!

      If your total comments are OVER 20, then we suggest you review the following preparation topics to make certain you have complied.

    7. Interested in what it costs to become a member of the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU)? Then consider the following:

      Click here for IPIU Private Investigator Intern Program:
      PI Internship Program Topic

      Details on membership here:
      Membership Topic

      Online membership options here:
      Review, Choose, & Order Membership Link

      Online Electronic Registration for non-licensed private investigators, including Standard & Priority Options:
      IPIU Private Investigators Photo Credentials Registration Link

      Unsolicited Testimonials Forum:
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      Our Mission Statement:
      Mission Statement & Privacy Statement

      Home Page:

      How to Contact IPIU:

      Or, Click Here: Contact Page

      Note: Most union memberships include a FREE PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR & SECURITY MAGAZINE subscriptions, and some options include a FREE agency membership.

    8. Test out your posting skills in the Test Your Forum Writing Skills on this Forum. It will help you navigate more effectively. Our forum software is used at over 500,000 forums worldwide. Learn our forum software and your participation will be a snap at other worldwide forums. We are the only forum in the world who teaches its members in this manner to learn this internet technology.

    9. Using your Signature & Posting Email Addresses: Forum Members who use an image, quote, or picture in their Signature Box, please read: Signature Tips & Policy

      Interested in posting your contact information in your Signature?
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    10. By now (after posting your Introduction and other Replies, as well as your comments in the Testing Skills Forum) if your total comments are UNDER 40, then we suggest you participate in helping other members in the forums by replying to their topics. Why? Because we have found that some assignments are usually given out to those members who are known to other forum members! Friends help each other. And they can do so from anywhere in the world because of the internet. Many agency owners and managers read the member participation and comments made each week to see who is motivated.

      As your post and comment totals rise, you will see your User Title change from New Forum Member to Associate Forum Member to Forum Member to Sr. Member and so on.

      For User Title Details, click here: Comment Total Titles Topic

      To read how posting more quality comments can help you,
      Click here: Why should I post over 30-100 Comments on the Forums?

      Other good topics: Privately Messaging or emailing Forum Members

      Using Email Notification to read your responses

    11. How good are your email skills?

      Can you email attachments?

      Does your email box have the scanning software to scan for an incoming virus from a friend?

      Is your email box totally secure to protect both your identity and your hometown location?

      If not, all of these features are taught for free at , which is the world's best free email service.

      When we wish to contact you, we email you. Some email providers, such as AOL, MSN, EARTHLINK, and WEBTV do not consistently allow you to receive all of our email.

      Note: If you change your email address, make sure you change the old email address in your User Control Panel (User CP)which is located at the top of any forum page.

      Here's an AOL topic we have: AOL Warning Link

      And also:
      How to change your User Name email address

    12. Do you have your free fax line that comes into your email box?

      Have you tried it out before applying to agencies?

      If not, click here: FREE FAX LINE: See details
    13. Have you read the following topic authored by Robert Donovan?

      How to Avoid getting Lost on the Forums!

    14. Have you read the following topics authored by Kandy Force?

      Guideline and Quick Tips For Navigating The IPIU Forums

      PI Writing Skills and Investigations...

    15. Have you accessed your FREE Private Investigators Book? (Requires a Level 3 Access)

      FREE PI BOOK link

      Other FREE Member Benefits link

    16. Each Topic is supposed to have a Title (Otherwise known as a THREAD that pertains about a specific subject.

      If you wish to make a comment about that THREAD and want to REPLY to the author of that THREAD , or REPLY to someone else who already REPLIED to the author's THREAD, just click on the POST REPLY button, which looks like this: , inside that thread topic and that's where your comment will stay. Or, use the QUICK REPLY message box at the bottom of every thread topic.

      If you wish to start a NEW THREAD about a different subject, then click on the NEW THREAD Button and you become the author of the new thread and subject matter. Just make sure that the NEW THREAD subject has not already been posted. Otherwise, we end up with a lot of duplicate threads.

      Now comes the tricky part.
      If you're just Replying to existing Threads. . . . you're safe.
      But if you want to start a NEW THREAD, make sure your new thread and subject matter are in the right FORUM!

    17. So before you start guessing about which forum you should post your new thread in (or which forum you should post your POST REPLY in, the first thing you should do is the following:

      1) Go to and look at ALL of the forums and their DESCRIPTIONS.

      2) Click on each forum to begin reading the titles of the various Topics that already there.

      3) If you happen to see a topic that discusses the SAME THREAD SUBJECT matter that you were going to ask, then stop and read that topic and all of it's Replies, and if needed . . . POST a REPLY inside that THREAD so that you don't create a duplicate THREAD.

      4) As you roam around all the forums, you will come across some forums that will ask you for your User Name and Password AGAIN. That probably means that the forum is private and you have not been cleared (yet) to enter it. Don't worry, just use the BACK arrow and return to select another forum to visit. There are four (4) Levels of Access to the forums. To learn which level you are at, click here: Levels 1-4 Access Topic

      5) After you have read the THREADS of all of the topics in all of the forums you have access to, and if your question is still not answered by another topic, then try your best to choose the correct forum and author a new thread by clicking the New Thread Button.

    18. Personal questions about your personal file information and progress are not discussed on these forums. Personal inquiries should be emailed to the following link:

      But you are free to discuss "general questions", such as the normal time frame of processing that pertains to all of the members.

    19. Have you read the FORUM RULES? If not, click here: Forum Rules Topic

      THE FOLLOWING forums HELP a Trainee find MOST of the answers:
    20. General Trainee Questions & Answers Forum AND Fingerprint Questions Forum

    21. Photo & Credential Questions Forum AND Application to Assignment Forum

    22. Investigative Report Writing & Tips Forum

    23. Licensing Laws for Private Investigators Forum AND Licensing Laws for Bounty Hunters Forum

    24. Technical Support Forum

    25. Miss any comments in the last few days?

      Simply go to the main page at and click on the small button titled ACTIVE TOPICS. Then choose from the drop down options from Last Day to Three Months.

    26. And last, if you just can't figure out which forum to post a new topic, do so in the After Hours Lounge Forum , which is where all of the off-topic and other chit-chat discussions are. A moderator will sure help you.

    Now let me give you a clue if you have lost an earlier topic that is nowhere to be found.

    It may have been moved or merged by technical support, or to the After Hours Lounge Forum, and when a member Replies to your topic . . . it automatically sends you a direct email notification to take you right back to the new home where it is located.

    Sometimes Tech Support leaves a redirect note that the topic has been moved, sometimes not. Rarely have I seen a topic really get lost. It was probably moved to another forum.

    If you're anxious to get started, so let me give you a tip.

    Click here:

    In the above FAQ link there are several other sub-links for you to explore, which will give you a free online tutotial of how to interact and navigate our forum. The links will teach you how to get around and use our software (which is used at over 3 million other web sites worldwide).

    Then try your testing in the forum titled Test Your Forum Writing Skills Forum, and you'll get more teachers.


    There is lot's to prepare for and to enjoy. But please don't jump to apply for assignments too quickly. First impressions by your manager will be a lasting one. If you goof up on your email skill, your writing skill, or your mapping skill... that is hard to overcome for a first impression.

    Again, we welcome to the Private Investigators Forum. There's nothing like it anywhere in the world!

    Thank you for your time and your support of IPIU.

    If you already know you have Level 4 Access, and you have already done the above, then click here:

    Introduction to over 100 Agencies!
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    Originally posted by Nolina Beauchamp
    Ok, and the above comment registered, weird. I am a little confused. Are there areas on the forums where comments we make aren't counted?
    Nolina, go to the following link for your answer:
    Jean Davis

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    Originally posted by Gunnard Lundberg
    Just starting out I guess I am still in level one. How will I know when my level changes???
    Again thank you for your help!!!
    1. Go to

    2. Starting at the top, scroll down the menus of Forum Titles.

    3. The Forums you have access to will have this image next to it:

    4. The Forums & Levels you do NOT have access to will have this image next to it:

    You have access to more forums as you progress from Level 1 to Level 4. One day you'll log on and see new information. It's kinda like being a kid in a candy shop when the new stuff comes out.

    Originally posted by Gunnard Lundberg
    I guess you can't tell me what level I'm at right now.
    You can get some idea by reading the following topic.

    Click here: Level 1, 2, 3, and 4 Access to all forums.
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    Exclamation We require your attention for off-topic or redundant posts in this thread.

    Dear Guests and Members:

    Some of the posts here have been archived.

    Please refrain from "welcoming" new members in this topic, or officially "introducing" yourself in this topic, or from posting your agreement to your Code of Ethics. The designated area for these are: Click Here.

    Post #1 of this topic has EVERYTHING you will need for now - which includes a Table of Contents of short-cut links covering over 30 interactive sub forums. Remember - make it a STUDY of the above links and short cuts - which include what needs to be completed before your next upgrade to Levels 2, 3, and 4. This single post will save you from asking questions on where the Most Frequently Asked Questions AND ANSWERS are already available to you.

    If you still need help in navigating our site, please ask your question in your official Introduction Topic so the online trainers and moderators may direct you! Otherwise, Post #1 here is one of the most important post you will need to start navigating with!

    Thank you for your support and have a wonderful blessed day.
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    Re: Newcomer? Do these Newcomer Instructions FIRST!

    Still current.
    David Copeland
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    International Private Investigators Union (IPIU) has agreed to:

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    Re: Newcomer? Do these Newcomer Instructions FIRST!

    I agree

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    Re: Newcomer? Do these Newcomer Instructions FIRST!

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeff Dudzinski View Post
    I agree

    I have some follow-up information from our phone call earlier. Please carefully read and follow instruction number 3 above. When you've authored your introduction thread, I can post the information there.


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