Iran's leadership can choose to either have food on the tables of their citizens to eat or to hold onto their quest for nuclear toys and weapons (under the guise of developing energy for their country).

Past US presidents have played footsie, perhaps because of our weak oil production in recent decades. But American ingenuity and technology has once again given the current US President the confidence that we can prosper on our own oil and energy production without being subjective to the oil barons of the Middle East.

Sure, oil prices may be going higher - but in my opinion it has very little to do with supply. The cost of gasoline always goes up - even if their is world peace.

Gasoline in the 1960's was 25 cents a gallon with cars getting 10 miles per gallon. In 2017 that same gallon with normal inflation would amount to $2.15 a gallon. As it turned out, 2017 averaged an extra 35 cents ($2.49 a gallon), and was even cheaper with the use of credit card cash-back reward cards, lowering the gallon to $2.29 per gallon - not including the extra costs of fuel additives and more efficient car engines getting 25-35 miles per gallon.

So who's complaining? Not I.

If Iran thinks they can hold the USA hostage over oil, then they should take a note from North Korea who tried the same bully tactics.