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Thread: Dad kept 11-year-old in shackles and strait jacket

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    Dad kept 11-year-old in shackles and strait jacket


    A sadistic dad kept his eleven-year-old step-son shackled in his bed from 8.30pm until 8.30am every day.

    He forced him to wear a strait jacket and bondage-style leather helmet - because he was a 'handful'.

    The man - who cannot be named in order to protect the child's identity - is a 39-year-old former company director from Yorkshire. He has been jailed for three years. The child's mother - who admitted child cruelty - was locked up for two years.

    Doncaster Crown Court in South Yorkshire heard that the boy's mum did nothing to stop her husband's torture of the child. Judge Jacqueline Davies branded the child's treatment 'appalling and grotesque'.

    She said: 'It is difficult to understand how you could have done this to any human being.'

    The boy is now is foster care.

    A neighbour of the family said: 'We'd no idea anything so sick was going on.'

    This article shows that we as a community must pay attention to those around us. We really need to get to know our neighbors. If we all become a little more "nosy", then perhaps we can help prevent this kind of thing from happening. It is so very true that no one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

    I know for the most part everyone is worried about "Big Brother" watching us, but when you read stories like this, it makes you want to know what is going on behind those closed doors.

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    Re: Dad kept 11-year-old in shackles and strait jacket

    Kind of makes me think that the neighbors got something else going on to not get involved. My son once screamed "you're not my mother" in a parking lot at the mall while I was trying to drag him to the car. People got involved fast. It was resolved with out much hassle, but they still took action. In retrospect, I should have handcuffed him to the lamp post and just walked away, evidently no one would have paid attention to that.

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