I never thought much about cell phones as a significant component of executive protection but I came across this article at Forbes.com which made me reconsider how the right type of cell phone can really help executive protection and bodyguards.

Forbes.com reviewed a 11 cell phones with various features that might make the difference during an emergency. Some of these phones have some features worth taking a closer look at from the executive protection perspective:

Samsung and Asus offer phones with the ability to broadcast a text message to pre-set numbers in an emergency. Asus also offers the ability to send a GPS location with the emergency message.
MyRapidMD seems like a great device if you have a protectee with a pre-existing medical condition. It makes medical data readily accessible like recent surgeries.
InTouch offers the capability to locate emergency rooms which is always a concern with executive protection.
Sony offers a cellphone with a built in GPS and flashlight. Useful features, since it might cut down the amount of kit we have to carry around on our waist.
Admittedly none of these devices are make or break for the success of an executive protection mission or bodyguard assignment but they might facilitate a small part of it. I think the real benefit in these phones is not for the protectors but the protectees. In fact I can see some of these cell phones as ideal for family members who arenít protected but who might nevertheless find themselves in a harmís way.

Wardy Landrau