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Mission Statement,
And Forum Rules Agreement



  • The International Private Investigators Union (IPIU), originally founded in 1989 as a non-profit organization - and formally incorporated in 1994, is a non-labor union association of private investigators, attorneys, case examiners, and other professionals - which include federal and local law enforcement officers - whose skills and talents embody undercover investigations.

  • The Private Investigators Forum, sponsored by the International Private Investigators Union, is an interactive community where those who have an interest in private investigations and all other related professions (including leisure and lifestyles) can discuss and promote all aspects of the profession.

  • Interactive discussions can include the expertise of private investigations, training principles, legal reviews by government authorities, statutes, services, education, products, referrals, and technical strategies that enhance the value those private investigators bring to their client base.

  1. We, the fraternal union members of the International Private Investigators Union - and the guest members of the Private Investigators Forum, desire to aid interested parties of our profession by first educating them;

  2. Our educational oath and mission includes understanding, informing, and promoting all areas of the relative government statutes that may or may not regulate the conduct and duties of a private investigator, but may apply to the profession as a private investigator, as well as any other related professions which may or may not include, to name a few, case examiners, information brokers, law students, bail enforcement agents, bondsmen, process servers, advisers, loss prevention specialists, or consultants.

  3. Our mission is not to limit the IPIU educational oath to only those statutes which may or may not have any direct regulatory authority over the conduct or duties of a private investigator, but rather to educate, inform, and promote the full context of all of the applicable laws and/or lawful remedies and statutory exemptions that may apply ethically to the individual circumstances and goals of interested parties. Therefore, there is no state which requires that all citizens performing private investigations become licensed. The evidence of this is found in the full reading of the state's statutes where the exemptions are clearly noted.

  4. We firmly sustain all government licensing bodies who regulate private investigators within their lawful authority and who are charged with specific duties by statute as authored by their elected lawmakers.

  5. We firmly recognize that not all government licensing bodies have authority over the unregulated areas of private investigations and related professions, as dictated by the statutes authored by their elected lawmakers. The evidence of this is found in the full reading of the state's statutes where the exemptions are clearly noted.

  6. We promote all interested parties to pursue obtaining government licensing for our profession whenever the entire evidentiary facts of an interested party's personal circumstances dictate such a need or requirement.

  7. We do not necessarily believe that all citizens require regulation by a government body in the affairs of a citizen’s chosen profession unless there is a non-partisan proven evidentiary factual need for additional consumer protection.

  8. We firmly believe and sustain a fair and balanced course in all regulatory matters and discussion.

  9. We firmly believe that all professional private investigators (whether licensed, unlicensed, regulated, or unregulated) need to exhibit proven investigative skills, based on academic learning, testing, and accomplished experience before performing the duties as a professional private investigator or other related professions on their own.

  10. We respect and promote the integrity of all private investigators and interns involved in pursuing this profession, as well as those who are charged in their duties to regulate and enforce the specific areas of private investigators wherever their authority is relative and lawful.


The main goals of the discussions on the Private Investigators Forum are to learn and to share:
  • To learn more about the various fields of private investigators;

  • To share our knowledge with anyone who sincerely wants to benefit from the knowledge of his or her fellow members.

Discussions on this forum are to be polite, cordial, and respectful. We do not hesitate to express our personal opinions on matters involved, knowing other members may or may not share those opinions. We will always respect opinions of other members, even if we do not share a particular opinion ourselves. We will not show disrespect or verbally attack other members, non-members, or organizations in a personal manner, but instead try to contribute to the common knowledge about professional private investigations and the understanding of all applicable and related topics.

We encourage others to take pleasure in what they apparently enjoy. We will never post any comment with the sole intention to spoil another's pleasure. On this Forum, we want to feel at home and make each other feel as an honored guest.

What we're about:

We're about COMMUNITY:
We are a like-minded but diverse group of individuals who share a common passion for all things relating to Private Investigators. We recognize that the worldwide Internet brings private investigators and colleagues closer together. We strive to become good acquaintances and friends. When a referral arises, we want to know whom we are referring a client to because we trust our colleague’s training, experience, and ethics.

We're about EDUCATION:
With hundreds of advance training titles, videos, and CDs we endeavor to teach and train ourselves in the pursuit of the love we have for our profession. We wish to share our knowledge, elevate, and educate others in respectful and supportive tones.

This includes inside knowledge expressed in our Confidential Tips and Resources Forum, as well as unique equipment and surveillance products. Do you have the latest new piece of equipment out on the market? Do you want to compare your products against others? Do you want to ask information on a product before making that big purchase? Here is the place to do so and more.

We're about COURTESY:
We are not a "no holds barred" newsgroup with little or no moderation. You are expected to conduct yourself in a courteous and professional manner on the Private Investigators Forum. Our volunteer staff of appointed moderators and administrators work to ensure this. And unlike other Internet forums, we have extensive training for our moderators and administrators, and are slow to graduate them as respectful representatives of the forum members.

We're about FAMILY:
You are as likely to read about someone's new baby, job, or house, as you are about their latest assignment, client, or adventure in the private Members Only Forums. We have designated areas where you can discuss a wide range of topics. But our focus is -- and always will be -- Private Investigators.

Whether or not a forum member is a private investigator, registered guest, or a member of one of our sponsors (including the International Private Investigators Union), all forum members must agree to the following Code of Ethics:


Member Oath and Covenant
Private Investigators Forum

I AFFIRM AND PLEDGE as a member of the Private Investigators Forum, and if applicable - a member of the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU) - to the Board of Ethics Committee, the Character and Fitness Committee, the Unauthorized Practice of Investigations Committee, and the Professional Conduct Board my acceptance and agreement to the Morals Clause. I further accept and agree:
  1. TO perform all assignments and case examinations in a moral, ethical, and legal manner;

  2. TO work entirely within the framework of all applicable laws;

  3. TO NOT knowingly support, affiliate with, offer authorship, or agree with any site, group or firm, or individual whose teachings or practices are contrary to or opposed to those accepted by the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU);

  4. TO NOT knowingly make a false statement of material fact;

  5. TO NOT engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

  6. TO NOT unlawfully obstruct another party's access to evidence or unlawfully alter, destroy, or conceal a document or other material having potential evidentiary value, and to not counsel or assist another person to do any such act;

  7. TO NOT offer evidence that I know to be false or misleading, and if I have offered material evidence and come to know of its falsity, I shall take reasonable remedial measures at once;

  8. TO NOT falsify evidence or assist a witness to testify falsely, or offer an inducement to a witness that is prohibited by applicable law;

  9. TO immediately inform the appropriate authority when knowledge exists of another private investigator that has committed a violation of the standards of professional conduct, as set forth herewith, that raises a substantial question as to that person's honesty, trustworthiness, or fitness as a private investigator or case examiner in other respects;

  10. TO NOT commit an act that reflects adversely on my honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as an investigator in other respects;

  11. TO NOT state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official;

  12. TO verify all paperwork, documents, statements, evidence, statutory laws, legal opinions, verbal and written instructions, advice, and facts with the proper authority that may potentially lead to a civil action, wrongful arrest, detention, or criminal action whether it involves an individual or organization;

  13. IN REGARDS TO MY FEES, I PLEDGE that my fees shall be reasonable. The factors to be considered in determining the reasonableness of my fee include the following:
    1. The time and labor required, the novelty and difficulty of the questions involved, and the skills requisite to perform the service properly;

    2. The likelihood, if apparent to the client, that the acceptance of the particular assignment will preclude other assignments by myself;

    3. The fee customarily charged in the locality for similar services;

    4. The amount involved and the result obtained;

    5. The time limitations imposed by the client or by the circumstances;

    6. The nature and length of the professional relationship with the client;

    7. The experience, reputation, and ability of myself or others performing the services; and

    8. Whether the fee is fixed or contingent.

    9. When I have not regularly represented the client, the basis or rate of the fee shall be communicated to the client, in writing, before commencing the assignment.

  14. IN REPRESENTING A CLIENT, I SHALL report all facts developed in a case promptly and timely;

  15. I SHALL NOT use means which have no substantial purpose other than to embarrass, delay, or burden another person or organization. Filing, maintaining, or being identified on any public government site, blog or any web site which depicts inappropriate or illegal behavior will be considered a violation of my Oath & Code of Ethics;

  16. I SHALL NOT use methods of obtaining evidence that violate the legal rights of such a person or organization;

  17. I SHALL NOT present or participate in presenting criminal charges solely to obtain advantage in a civil matter; or

  18. I SHALL NOT threaten to present criminal charges in order to obtain advantage in a civil matter;

  19. I SHALL NOT fail to disclose a material fact when disclosure is necessary to avoid assisting a criminal act by my client;

  20. I SHALL NOT enter into a business transaction with a client or knowingly acquire an ownership, security or other pecuniary interest adverse to a client unless:
    1. the terms on which I acquire the interest is fair and reasonable to the client and is disclosed in writing to the client in a manner which can be reasonably understood by the client;

    2. the client is given a reasonable opportunity to seek independent counsel in the transaction; and

    3. the client consents in writing thereto;

  21. I SHALL NOT use facts relating to representation of a client to the disadvantage of the client unless the client consents;

  22. I SHALL NOT prepare an instrument, or take part in an instrument, giving myself or a person related to me any substantial gift from a client, including a testamentary gift, except where the client is related to the donee;

  23. I SHALL NOT provide financial assistance to a client in connection with pending or contemplated litigation, except that:
    1. I may advance court costs and expenses of litigation, the repayment of which may be contingent on the outcome of the matter; and

    2. in representing an indigent client may pay court costs and expenses of litigation on behalf of the client.

  24. I SHALL NOT accept compensation for representing a client from one other than the client unless the client consents;

  25. I SHALL NOT represent a client if the representation of that client will be directly adverse to another client, unless:
    1. I reasonably believe it will not adversely affect the relationship with the other client; and

    2. each client consents;

  26. I PLEDGE AND AGREE TO CONDUCT myself in a professional, methodical, and patient manner - as defined and interpreted, if need be, by the Private Investigators Forums and/or it's sponsor the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU);


    1. to bring positive credit to the clients I represent;

    2. to aid, promote positive credit, and to sustain the Private Investigators Forum and it's authorized sponsors, including the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU), in it's mission;

    3. to aid IPIU in it's mission to dispel falsehoods and to promote a positive image of it's affairs and the private investigator's industry and its agents and employees.

  28. I FURTHER AGREE: In the event I charge-back a credit card purchase for an item or service I previously approved, then I agree to having my credit card charged again for the previously approved amount, plus a charge-back service fee of $19 to cover additional bank processing fees assessed to the merchant as a result of my action, in order to reinstate my account privileges.

  29. I FURTHER ACKNOWLEDGE AND AGREE that any benefits, services, products, retainers, payments, or earnings I may receive as a result of my current membership and affiliation since becoming a member of the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU), including its affiliates and co-affiliates, including the provisions outlined in the Forum Rules and Forum Membership Agreement, or any written courtesy refund benefits that may be available to me as a current paid member-in-good-standing of IPIU for products or services, is predicated on my waiver of seeking an equivalent resolution from any other source or organization outside of IPIU and The Private Investigators Forums.

  30. I FURTHER ACCEPT THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, as outline in the additional hyper-linked areas of ipiu.org and privateinvestigators.cc, including "Part 1 - Master Acceptance of this Terms of Use Agreement," "Part 2 - Privacy Statement," "Part 3 - Morals Clause", "Part 4 - Definitions Agreement", "Part 5 - Shipping & Returns", "Part 6 - Terms of Use for Purchasing", "Part 7 - Dispute Resolution by Binding Arbitration", "Part 8 - Purchasing Agreement - Terms of Use & Privacy"), "Section 1", "Section 2", Section 3", "Section 4", each of which is incorporated herein by reference, prior to accessing or using the rest of this website.

    By accessing or using ipiu.org and privateinvestigators.cc, or any derivative of the ipiu.org Website, (collectively, the "Website," "ipiu.org and privateinvestigators.cc," or "We"), You ("Member" or "User" or End User") acknowledge that you have read, understand, and agree to be bound by all the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement, including ALL LINKED PARTS, even if you do not make a purchase and or use or rely on the Services available through ipiu.org and privateinvestigators.cc.


Personal Conduct Agreement:
Member Oath and Covenant

All forum members should consider themselves as invited guests and participate accordingly.

You agree to accept, abide, and sustain our Privacy Statement, and to not cull or gather any email addresses from our members posts, comments, web pages, or other details as a result of your access to the Private Investigators Forums.

The PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS FORUM encourages a relaxed and respectful atmosphere to discuss Private Investigations, lifestyle, and other related topics, as well as occasional appropriate off-topic dialog.

Adults Only Registration is required, plus any one of the following identification numbers:

a) private investigators license, or
b) attorney license, or
c) law enforcement ID, or
d) state driver's license.

The above information will be confidential only, and is protected under all local and federal laws. See our Privacy Statement

If a forum member is found to have forged their online registration in any part to access Level 1-5 areas, their computer and internet access codes linking their attempt to this site may be turned over to all local, state, province, and federal authorities.

While we would rather not have any rules at all, there are some basic posting guidelines we will be enforcing to keep a professional and respectful atmosphere in our forums.
  1. In order to use most of the features of this Bulletin Board you must first register.

    First time registration permits the new member access to all of the forums in Level 1. A more detailed list of all the Levels is available to read in the Technical Support Forum.

    Or, you can click here: Level Description Topic Link

  2. A valid email address is required. So please be advised that if by chance you do not provide a valid email address and you violate any forum rules, your forum membership account will be deleted. Email is our only contact to you.

    If your email box becomes suspended, full, or otherwise returns our messages to you - then your forum account will be placed on hold until you email us with your new email address by: CLICKING HERE . Those without a valid current email address do NOT have the same rights as forum members who do have a valid current email address.

  3. We reserve the right to edit topic titles for clarity as a service to the members-at-large. Introduction Topics should contain the name of the forum member introducing themselves.

  4. It is the duty of all forum members to follow the Newcomer Instructions as outlined.

  5. While we encourage lively discussion, we will not tolerate personal attacks, disrespectful comments, or disingenuous or sarcastic remarks with the appearance to incite toward any person (including their contributions and posts on the forums) or any organization. Any person disparaging another forum member or organization in this regard, or violating forum rules and/or promoting any views that are not in harmony with the Code of Ethics or Mission Statement, may have their comments either edited or removed without notice. Any future incident thereafter may result in that member being permanently removed from the forum.

  6. AVOID BECOMING BANNED WORLD-WIDE: As with any large worldwide organization which has served over 85,000 members, the fraternal union of the International Private Investigators Union is not without a handful of vocal critics. These naysayers are typically a handful of former members who violated their signed Oath and Code of Ethics, a violation which is deemed a grievous offense to the tens of thousands of other fraternal colleagues. Although banned members are banned within the worldwide affiliation of more than 100,000 private investigators, employers, and other resources that are available to members-in-good-standing, if they had not been banned for violating their signed Oath & Code of Ethics - then they would have been banned because of their misdeeds and corrosive behavior.

    Although our forum policy is never to belittle or chastise someone else - no matter how justified we would be - we also implore upon our members to follow our example by refraining from posting confrontational comments in defense of the union or another member in good standing. No matter what is promoted elsewhere by banned former members in an attempt to justify their banishment and violation of their oath, we must lead by good examples. However, if a member falls victim to believing in possible slanderous material against another member or their fraternal union, you are required to privately email contact.team@ipiu.org so that the item can be investigated without fanfare on the public forums.

    STRICTEST OATH, Code of Ethics, and Forum Rules: There is no doubt you are signing the strictest Oath, Code of Ethics, and Forum Rules of any private investigator union association. The Board of Directors, who are sustained by IPIU's members, have included many moral and ethical clauses outlining Articles of member behavior in order to maintain IPIU's Mission Statement and service to it's members.

    In part, the Oath & Code of Ethics is the result of our own twenty (20) year record, since 1989, in serving tens of thousands of private investigators. To that end:

    Visit the Unsolicited Testimonials Forum:

    Visit the Official Contact Link for the President of IPIU and the governmental licensing information:

    Record to date:
    Since IPIU was founded in 1989, there has never been a single complaint from any governmental authority, including all state attorney generals and provincial authorities, or any law enforcement agency.

    Further, since 1989 there have only been ten (10) consumer complaints (out of the 80,000+ members served worldwide) through consumer bureaus, all of which were resolved.

    IPIU is a member in-good-standing of:
    The United States Chamber of Commerce

    IPIU is a member in-good-standing of:
    The Fair Business Association of America

  7. Do not use your forum posting privileges to “rain on someone else’s parade.” We have over 400,000 topics and comments posted at this site. Many members are very enthusiastic about a number of personal issues. Please do not attempt to take away from their enjoyment and participation on the forums by posting disingenuous remarks.

  8. VERY IMPORTANT... If you have a problem with anyone’s comments or actions in a posted thread, do NOT respond with any further comments that will aggravate or escalate the situation. Members who have a severe disagreement have the following options of recourse:

    a) Report the offense in the following link:

    b) Email the moderators, directing them to the individual and thread that the problem occurs in. In the upper right side of every comment posted in the topics is a Red/White Alert Button that looks like this: . Use this feature to send your PRIVATE complaint.

    c) Resolve the problem between both of you via private email. If the email of the member is not available, then refer to the first option and request mediation.

    d) Reacting to a disrespectful post with more disrespect puts YOU in jeopardy, and risks your forum membership account at being deleted.

    e) If you have an issue against one of the moderators or administrators, handle this in private email and not in the forum. Violating this procedure may result in your membership being removed. For the Moderator's email address, Click Here .

  9. Discussions (multiple replies and topic titles) of sex, religion, and politics is generally not permitted on these forums, except in relation to:

    a) An investigation;

    b) Investigation training;

    c) How they are portrayed in the media or entertainment industries;

    d) As a single Reply with the comment "in my personal opinion/belief" to a topic question title that is perceived as non-sexual or non-religious or non-political in nature.

    e) As an isolated respectful general comment, absent of an appearance of baiting for an argument of member opinions.

    f) As approved in a designated forum for the subject under discussion, such as The Religion Forum and The Personal Opinions Forum

  10. Members are to respect the designated TOPIC and CATEGORY AREAS when posting their comments. This includes off-topic comments, chat-topic comments, and promotional comments that may be inappropriately posted in the wrong topic or forum. Those who post comments that do not relate to the category or thread/topic (including multiple copies of the same comment) may have their comments closed, moved, or deleted without notice.

  11. Members who post portions of appropriate On-Topic remarks mixed with Off-topic remarks that appear to the Moderators to be a subterfuge to commandeer the topic toward a different subject not intended by the topic’s original author - may also have their posts removed without notice. Continual inappropriate posting may lead to a suspension of forum privileges. Members should respect the discussion of a specific topic. Undermining a topic by posting a pattern of unrelated comments does not convey the necessary respect toward the topic author or other contributors.

  12. Excessive posting which appears every one or two minutes in the same topic is only permitted in the Chat Forum and other areas where the automated User Title software promotion is not circumvented. We wish not to discourage multiple posts or discussions, only to direct them to the appropriate forums. User Title Promotion is intended to recognize the efforts of each member who overall contributes to the on-topic discussions of Private Investigations and related fields. Although the After-Hours Forum is off-subject, topics need to be considered journals rather than live chat postings every few minutes.

  13. Posting of multiple copies of the same comments throughout the forums is not permitted. Example: Many members post a "welcome" to newcomers in their Introduction Topic. Members should make sure they carefully read the introduction and post a personal comment rather than only relying on a complete copy and paste of the same welcome message. Posting multiple "thank you"s may appear to other members as padding your post-count. If you wish to thank many members in different topics for their posts, then invest the time to add a few sentences rather than rely on a few words to convey your thank you. (We are not speaking of a few thank-you's, we are speaking of a habit of posting multiple thank you's that give the appearance of post padding). Mixing a personal comment with a copy and paste is acceptable, but the comment must be personalized.

  14. Please do not post any profanity (harsh or mild). Do not type your messages in ALL CAPS, because ALL CAPS is considered SHOUTING. Our forum search software retrieves more results from posts that are not typed in all CAPS. We want to keep the Forums presentable to guests and other members. Certain words that are posted are banned automatically by our software and substituted with a star (*) for each letter of the banned word.

  15. Promotion, Referring Off-Site, Advertising, Enticing, or recommending other web sites, blogs, or non-IPIU sites may require approval by an authorizing Administrator.

    1. The purpose of the Private Investigators Forums was established in early 2000 to promote growth in the area of all discussions of services, products, resources, training, books, equipment, etc at our site - and not to promote our members to leave and go elsewhere to discuss a similar choice of items, services, topics, and discussions which could easily be provided here.

    2. The Private Investigators Forums also helps promote its member's primary business where the chief aim should be to hire a private investigator member of our union to perform an assignment.

    3. All profits from the IPIU Book Store site, which includes PI Services and Products offered through the office and an online catalog of over 1000 items - go toward union member services to help keep annual dues low, as well as fund educational grants and assist with the union welfare family program.

    Therefore, members are not to promote, refer to off-site, suggest, entice, advise, or advertise our members to leave and go to another outside source unless pre-approved by our Administartors Team, especially if similar products and services are provided by IPIU. Our purpose has always been to promote the Private Investigators Forums where all types of issues, articles, services, and products can be available to our members; and to promote our PI Store. Promoting any outside resource could dilute your union's web sites and may lead to higher union dues. (Union dues are offset by the small profits we earn from www.privateinvestigator.cc and internal office sales)

    Obtain Approval to include your web site in your Forum Signature:

    1. If you wish to request pre-approval of a web site, CLICK HERE .

    2. This Seal must appear in your User Title - Name . . .

      The seal above must appear next to the forum member's name as the first requirement to be approved to promote or advertise either their agency or firm's web site or blog in their Forum Signature. It designates they are a member of the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU) in addition to being a member of the Private Investigators Forum. IPIU membership requires additional safeguards in advertising and promotion that exceed some state, province, or other country licensing requirements.

    3. Approved Agency advertisers on this forum assume all responsibility for content and truth in advertising regarding their advertisement.

    4. IPIU Members who have been pre-approved by an approving Administrator to include their company name, general contact information, and license (if any) in their Signature File are prohibited from circumventing the intended purpose of the approved Signature File. Administrators will instruct Technical Support on the approved formatting of the Signature.

    5. A member who wishes to promote or advertise their agency or business web site must also have the IPIU Banner located on the home page of each web site promoted as proof they are current in sustaining the ethical requirements. Below is a sample of an approved IPIU Banner:

  16. For all other Forum Signatures, Topics, and posting of images (including QUOTES), the following rules apply:

    a) Appropriate and conservative posting of images in topics and replies is welcomed. However, we encourage our members not to over do the posting of images that do not relate to the topic at hand. Each time an image is posted, it costs the forum bandwidth.

    b) If a member is using the QUOTE feature of another member's comment, please delete the image from your QUOTE and any other off-topic sentences that do not relate to your answer to the quote.

    c) To determine how many lines your signature will be viewed by forum members, go to the tool bar of your web browser and click on VIEW. Then click on TEXT SIZE. Choose the MEDIUM LEVEL.

    d) For text signatures: 2 lines normal size, or 4 lines small size and up to 90 chars per line. Font sizes above 2 are not allowed.

    e) For images in signatures (with no other text): 1 image up to 300 pixels wide, 125 pixels tall and 20k in size

    f) For images and text in signatures: 1 image up to 100 pixels wide, 40 pixels tall and 7k in size, unless pre-approved by contact.team@ipiu.org .

    g) Associates, members, and agents may not advertise, promote, or entice other members to purchase either outside or their own respective products or services unless approved by Administrators, especially if IPIU also provides similar products or services. We ask all of our members to refrain from using any non-approved type of referrals or web links in their signatures.

    h) Please us your Signature conservatively. When posting in a topic that contains multiple pages, we ask that only one post in each page has the signature turned "on". Administrators, Moderators, and Forum Guides are to abide by the same policy in casual (unofficial) posts and comments.

  17. Although members may share outside links with other members which are beneficial, some links may be removed or substituted if IPIU provides the same or similar products or services.

  18. If a member has a product or service they wish to offer for sale to the IPIU members, then they should use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of any forum page and inquire about becoming an official IPIU Vendor or Resource.

  19. If as member wishes to earn sales commissions on IPIU Products and Services, then they should use the CONTACT US link at the bottom of any forum page and inquire about becoming an official IPIU Affiliate.

  20. By virtue of this agreement, members also acknowledge their understanding that web search engines continually take snapshots of the public pages of this forum (not the private passcode protected areas). Members acknowledge their understanding and agreement to have their User Names and posted public comments archived by various search engines at the potential risk of revealing their public comments as authored under their name. Selected undercover law enforcement officers and other professionals, may request an approved alias User Name to replace their current User Name, or to request that a new User Name alias be established as a courtesy of the webmaster of this site. Members acknowledge and agree to: a) hold harmless the owners of this site for actions and authored comments through no direct fault of the owners; b) not be entitled to request removal or editing of their names, comments, or posts throughout this website; c) the selective periodic archiving of their comments and posts in order to free up web space and/or to maintain the resources of the web site, in the sole discretion of the webmaster; d) their comments and posts being edited by an Administrator to maintain clarity, punctuation, grammar, or any other editorial purpose to insure the overall quality of discussions of this web site.

  21. Job openings, or any reference to a specific employment advertisement, are not to be posted in any area except the Local & National Firms Hiring Forum, which requires Level 4 access.

    If a member does not have Level 4 access and wishes to post a topic concerning a specific employment ad, then contact IPIU: Click Here

  22. Forum Members are free to exchange their private email addresses with extreme caution outside the Private Investigators Forum. Forum Members are prohibited from circumventing the intended purpose of this policy. Meetings between members can be organized by one or more Level 4 Union Members (who sustain the Mission Statement and has signed their Code of Ethics) and who have a proven forum track record of recorded assignments and earnings, as provided in the Level 4 Forum Instructions. For pre-approval: Click Here

  23. Posting a personal email address inside the Private Investigators Forum must be pre-approved by an approving Administrator as "advertising" or soliciting. Under no circumstances should a forum member post their telephone number or address without advance approval from Administrators. If you wish to have your telephone number available to members, then apply for an upgraded Forum Signature that includes an approved your PI web site (with IPIU Banner) where your phone number is listed.

    To apply for an approved email address to be posted, including posting your website which would include your phone number and other contact details, then: Click Here

  24. Forum discussion of your private files, which includes products, services, and IPIU membership files:

    1. If a Forum Member is also a private investigator member of IPIU, they are prohibited from discussing any personal IPIU file information that relates to their membership, products, services, or personal and confidential comments, as it may be a part of their IPIU file.

    2. Questions or requests pertaining to individual earnings, individual private placements, public placements, fees charged clients, annual agency income statements, or other products or services that may be contained in the confidential or private forums for private investigators are not permitted in forums with access Levels of 1, 2, and 3. However, Level 4 access forums have appropriate topics already authored by the Moderators for discussions and posting of these answers.

    3. Any violation of this policy may result in the removal of the post and the suspension of the Forum Member's account.

  25. As time permits, certain qualified IPIU members who have reached Level 4 may be invited to be upgraded to Level 5 Gold, which includes an assigned password to use the Private Messaging System available in our software. Level 5 Gold members who violate the forum rules in Private Messages may have their forum membership revoked by Technical Support.

  26. The opinions and comments made in the posts written by our forum members and volunteer staff is the responsibility of the individual member. The Private Investigators Forum and its sponsors, including the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU), assume no responsibility of the content expressed or implied by its membership.

  27. The inclusion of pictures within messages is allowed sparingly on this site. Referring to images on other sites should be done so cautiously, if at all. This not only uses up our website bandwidth resources between sites, but often the images are copyrighted and protected by that site. Copyrighted images are not to be included on our site (except under the government guidelines of "fair use") without the express written permission of the owner of the copyrighted image(s).

    For more information, email contact.team@ipiu.org .

  28. Forum rules & guidelines are not up for debate.

    a) Although The Private Investigators Forum is available worldwide in all democracies, the forum itself is not a democracy due to its Mission Statement, Oath, Code of Ethics, and Forum Rules that all members agree to. The Private Investigators Forum is a "private" membership forum. Although we encourage suggestions, improvements, and other comments, anyone openly debating the rules we have set in place may be removed without notice.

    b) However, if you are unsure how your comment may be received, please contact us: Click Here

    At times the moderators may approve your email comments to be posted openly, depending on the nature of the concern or suggestion.

    c) Emailed complaints and respectful suggestions which are posted in the Suggested Box topic usually lead to an improvement in the rules and guidelines. Our team of Administrators began establishing the community rules in the 1990's on Prodigy and CompuServe forums. This site has been active since 2000, and remains a work-in-progress.

    Complaints are always welcomed via private email so that we can take them seriously to help improve our community. But remember to show "respect" when complaining to our staff, to insure it will always be more appreciated. Many members have contributed to the overall welcome feeling our forums have become known for.

  29. Moderators and Administrators of the forums are not to be openly and publicly argued with when enforcing forum rules and guidelines you agreed to. Anyone arguing with a Moderator in a forum may be removed from the forum without notice. Even though our Moderators go through several months of private training and long hours invested in how to "manage" members, they still are not perfect people. Moderators can make mistakes too, but it is rare. Nevertheless, feel free to privately contact us for any and all concerns to the Administrators: Click Here

  30. We reserve the right to delete, modify, or convert forum memberships to email memberships for any reason with or without prior warning.

  31. You agree, through your use of this service, that you will not use the Private Investigators Forum to post any material which is knowingly false and/or defamatory, disrespectful, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, invasive of a person's privacy, or otherwise violative of any law, forum rule, mission statement, or the spirit in which these rules were approved.

  32. You agree not to register under a User Name that is not your true name, unless pre-approved by security. If your true identity or profession requires concealment of your true name, then email us using our Contact Us link to apply for pre-approval of an alias User Name.

  33. You agree not to register for multiple User Names. To remove a User Name: Click Here

  34. You agree not to use the email addresses, phone numbers, or private information of any member on the forum, or as a result of participating on the forum, for any other purpose than personal communication with that member, and further agree to abide by the Code of Ethics (as stated in this Agreement) in sustaining the joint principles of the Private Investigators Forum and it's sponsors, including the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU), without promoting any direct or indirect disrespect or harm to either organization, it's members, moderators, or staff.

  35. We reserve the right to delete, edit, archive, or remove any message without cause. You remain solely responsible for the content of your messages, and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless, the Private Investigators Forum and their sponsors and agents with respect to any claim based upon transmission of your message(s). We reserve the right to revoke your forum membership to the forum or temporarily disable your posting ability without cause.

  36. We reserve the right to update, change, or modify the Forum Rules from time to time. You agree to review these Forum Rules from time to time and to abide by them at all times.

  37. You agree not to permit your assigned User Name and Password to be used by another party unless pre-approved by Administrators.

  38. You agree not to reveal any information or comments contained in the Level 2 through Level 5 forums, including any one-on-one private forum, to outside sources. You further agree not to post any comments from the aforementioned areas in the Level 1 forums without pre-approval by an Administrator.



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