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Thread: PI LICENSING: Colorado

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    PI LICENSING: Colorado

    AS OF 2015:
    Effective June 1, 2015, the new Level 1 and Level 2 state issued private investigator licenses will be available for anyone who wishes to advertise in Colorado as a Licensed Private Investigator. If you have a "Colorado PI agency Corporation" that specializes in private investigations, the corporation is not required to request the Level 1 or 2 license as long as the agency corporation is not using the term Colorado "Licensed" Private Investigator. If they do, then they need to have at least one licensed PI working for them.

    Level 1 PI License does not require any previous experience as a private investigator.

    As of 4-17-15:
    There are approximately twenty-four (24) Level 1 PI's in Colorado
    There are approximately one hundred (100) Level 2 PI's in Colorado

    Total Licensees: 124 x $330.00 fee each = $40,920 to maintain state office, supplies, and employees.

    To chat about the new rules and how IPIU members should or should not adjust, go to the following member's only link:

    Or, call the IPIU office directly.

    I've noticed in one of the forums that Colorado doesn't have any licensing laws. How can that be? Is there anything on Colorado rules and laws I can read (I can't seem to find them)? Any Help would be great.

    I also noticed the following:

    2015 List of States with NO STATE PI LICENSING REQUIREMENTS:
    1. South Dakota
    2. Wyoming
    3. Mississippi
    4. Alabama
    5. Idaho
    6. Alaska (except for some local city licensing)

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    Invaluable information in this post, thank you very much

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    CO Insurance, etc.

    BTW, the IPIU CO office is a VERY nice place to do business in... new, clean, professional staff, and an awesome view of Denver...

    Regards all,


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    Re: PI LICENSING: Colorado (No State Licensing Required)

    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Jones View Post
    Would i need anything to get my business started in Colorado?

    Thanks Again
    1. By ordering your Colorado PI Agency Corporation License, you will be upgraded to the corporation owners forum for free business tools and advice to help grow your business.

    2. You also have Level 4 access to the Marketing Forum:

    3. To order, go here:
      Or call 406-534-0251.

    Cynthia Ford
    Administrator - IPIU

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    This new chat area is for members seeking to discuss how they can continue to use their Colorado PI Agency Corporation License as an out-of-state owner and what exemptions their Colorado PI Corporations for 2015 will be facing is here:
    Legal Affairs comments are not intended to be and should absolutely not be taken as legal advice. If you should require legal, tax, or financial advice, you must first enter into a written agreement with only a licensed professional for legal, tax, or financial services, signed by both you and the licensed professional, and paid a retainer in good funds. Legal Affairs is not, nor intends to be, nor solicits to be your licensed professional. Members accessing comments by Legal Affairs are required to be bound by their Terms of Use Agreement regarding Legal Affairs.

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    Re: PI LICENSING: Colorado

    The new Colorado Private Investigators Regulations, which replaced the previous Volunteer Licenses on September 1, 2020, are located in the following link:

    An update listing the current exemptions will be forthcoming soon.
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