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  1. Just a word of thanks.
  2. Thank you for the information.
  3. So many PI fields to chose from
  4. Forum Information Very Helpful!
  5. Very Impressed with Website!
  6. Most valuable service the IPIU provides
  7. Have gained an abundance of knowledge by participating here.
  8. Great Manual
  9. Thank you all!
  10. As a newcomer, the International Private Investigators Union website is so helpful!
  11. I am so impressed by the IPIU!
  12. Positive Attitude Towards Each Other
  13. RULES for Posting in this forum!
  14. A little input from me
  15. Blessed To Be In Your Midst
  16. It's really good to be here.
  17. A Positive and Cohesive atmosphere!
  18. Top Notch!
  19. Never in my life did I think . . .
  20. An oasis in a desert!
  21. You do what you say you will!
  22. I just wanted to let you guy's (& gal's) know
  23. IPIU's Reputation
  24. I am no longer lost!!!!!!!
  25. I've finally found a place where I can begin...
  26. A close knit family of professionals!
  27. New to the Forum!
  28. I.P.I.U. 1st Class All the Way!!
  29. Words of Wisdom
  30. Forum has been very informative.
  31. Invaluable Information Provided
  32. I'm joining a great group of folks.
  33. Just received my free Magazine!
  34. A Simple Thanks!
  35. Thinking about having my own agency.
  36. Learning and Having Fun!
  37. The right place
  38. I love this place
  39. Wow! I am in awe.
  40. Have already completed 20 assignments!
  41. Fate that I found IPIU!
  42. I.P.I.U. Forum Help is Wonderful!
  43. What I have always wanted to do
  44. Saying thanks....
  45. Helpfull
  46. Testimonial for the Administration
  47. Thanks for Coming Around.
  48. Thanks for Coming Around.
  49. THANK YOU I.P.I.U.!!!!!
  50. Great site
  51. A Wonderful place to be!
  52. I love reading testimonials.
  53. Resource and training materials are excellent.
  54. Found Answers to my Questions!
  55. Training Manual: Simple, thorough and concise.
  56. IPIU: Great Help and Tips to Get Started!!!
  57. You have made my first Assignment better by helping me be more prepared.
  58. Proud To Be A Part Of This Family
  59. My Two Cents
  60. Storm
  61. How can we better absorb all that we need to?
  62. IPIU is a LAUNCHING PAD...
  63. Thank You IPIU and Members
  64. Thanks for all your help.
  65. What A Relief to find the International Private Investigators Union!
  66. A big Thank You IPIU!!!!
  67. Exellent System!!!Thanks IPIU
  68. Handling the forums
  69. Happy & humble
  70. Exciting News
  71. Unbelievable!
  72. I love these forums!
  73. I'm impressed
  74. Welcome to All Members
  75. After lots of reading, I'm glad to be a union member.
  76. Thanks IPIU!
  77. Here's some encouragement.
  78. This is so Cool
  79. New Members Joining International Private Investigators Union daily
  80. Very Satisfied! (Experience & Education here is priceless)
  81. Phony Idaho Attorney General's Report attempts to slander good name of IPIU
  82. Encouragement
  83. What I see...
  84. Just Wanted To Say Thanks!
  85. IPIU members are the best
  86. The good son always come back home.
  87. IPIU: Has high level of professionalism and respect.
  88. Well worth the wait!
  89. Bulletin Board
  90. Enjoying the Challenge
  91. A Funny thing Happened on the Way to the Forum
  92. Got My Identification Card!!!
  93. Keeping my head up as IPIU takes me where I want to go.
  94. This is truely a family (ohana) atmosphere, where everyone is so willing to share there personal experiences and information to help fellow PI'S succeed
  95. Congratulations, Jennifer Cossey, as a new Licensed Private Investigator!
  96. Inspirational to see the experienced PI's help the newcomers
  97. IPIU New Home Page
  98. Is there anywhere else to be?
  99. My instant gratitude
  100. Great People Here - So much Information!
  101. Getting Closer!!
  102. "Oh, through IPIU right?"
  103. Real Professionals Here!
  104. Thanks for being kind and understanding
  105. Yepee !!! Got Them
  106. Completed my First Assignment!
  107. Many, Many Thanks...
  108. The sky is the limit
  109. Huge Paycheck to PI Trainee "Mom" saved Christmas!
  110. You all have the patience of angels for all of us who are navigating the forums.
  111. Can't Wait !!!!
  112. Great Experience
  113. "You Are Appreciated"
  114. I would like to express the honesty within these forums.
  115. I am now at level 3 - very impressed with the information there!
  116. IPIU should be noted for it's honesty and trustworthyness to it"s members.
  117. I know of no other Union (IPIU) that has done so much for it's members.
  118. It was like Christmas when my IPIU Package arrived!
  119. The wealth of information on this site is enormous! Level 4 in just over 3 months!!
  120. Confession
  121. International Private Investigators Union up there among the best!
  122. Anticipation!!
  123. I have a thirst for knowledge, so I was eager to read the Manual and return my tests!
  124. Its true
  125. HOT DOG, this is really cool.
  126. Thank You, IPIU, for the Private Investigators Forum.
  127. Wow
  128. The Way I Feel About IPIU!!!
  129. THANKS TO ALL; your presence with IPIU means a lot to me and others
  130. Great Place to Be
  131. Most valuable service the IPIU provides
  132. The Intangible Benefits of IPIU Membership/Participation
  133. The Gift that keeps on giving!
  134. I Recommend IPIU book as valuable resource!
  135. This has got to be the best Forum of it's kind!
  136. To Robert Donovan: Thank You!
  137. Thank You Jim Lyons!!!
  138. My day is not complete until I visit the Private Investigators Forums!
  139. 2 Assignments First Day! Plus 15 more offers for Integrity Investigations!
  140. Join another union? Never!
  141. All Good will be attacked, and why IPIU has it's critics.
  142. This is really a great site and organization.
  143. I'm amazed at all the information since joining the Private Investigators Union
  144. Thank you all . . . for making this such a great place.
  145. International Private Investigators Union is a "Bank" of Information
  146. The International Private Investigators Union forum site is priceless.
  147. What surprised me about the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU)
  148. Thank you Edward Taguba!
  149. Thank you all so much for sharing your experience, strength, and hope
  150. International Private Investigators Union is A Class Act!
  151. Thanks to the International Private Investigators Union, my Interest List has grown!
  152. assignment letters
  153. She used to laugh at me. Now I have my own Firm!
  154. I stand and clap for everyone in International Private Investigators Union!
  155. IPIU Membership got me an extra $2/hour Raise!
  156. Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating for the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU).
  157. Success Stories!
  158. I have joined the 20 Assignments Club!!!
  159. How could you NOT enjoy IPIU?!?!
  160. I was a little shy and was worried if I would even get anywhere.
  161. Proud to be a new dedicated Member
  162. IPIU is helping me make my dreams come true!
  163. I received my ID Card!
  164. ??? For 0 to 5yr. PI,S
  165. Hey great news .. I am on my way to becoming an investigator.
  166. The support system here is unlike any other.
  167. Becoming a future PI with an endless supply of information with IPIU
  168. As an active Private Investigator, I enjoy keeping busy.
  169. Investing Time in the Forums
  170. FBI Agent (Retired): "IPIU is a very professional and reputable organization."
  171. Thanks IPIU! Looking forward to a few dollars more than what I get in disability
  172. Fast-Start Full Fledged Member!
  173. 75 Assignments Club! "I have about 75 assignments under my belt since I joined!"
  174. when do I make a move?
  175. I think these forums are great and there is so much to learn here
  176. PI Medical & Life Insurance
  177. So far, I have completed 48 Assignments for an agency since joining IPIU
  178. The dream has become a reality, and I owe it all to IPIU!
  179. My family made fun of me from age 12. Now I have my Investigative Agency Licenses!
  180. I truly believe that finding this IPIU site was a gift!!!
  181. Glad to be Part of such a Supportive Group
  182. Test Score Post
  183. IPIU has come through once again. I am now currently working for two great agencies!
  184. IPIU is The Best Thing to happen for Private Investigators!
  185. IPIU is the only opportunity that pays for itself 1,000 fold.
  186. Today (April 2005) is my one year anniversary here. A big Thank You to all at IPIU
  187. My life has been enriched since I became a part of IPIU.
  188. Big Thanks to IPIU: Friendship, excellent service, & willingness to help me.
  189. I just completed my first "investigation" assignment!
  190. God knows how many have been dissappointed with only a school & some promises.
  191. Some people in my life have not been supportive. (NOT so with IPIU!)
  192. I love IPIU because "It doesn't act stuck up!"
  193. I finished my first case. The manager had about $30,000 dollars in inventory missing!
  194. I'm over the moon!
  195. Two types of bad comments people make about the Private Investigators Union
  196. Two Minutes after I walked in on my First Assignment, the nerves went away!
  197. I love this place!
  198. Completed my first job with an IPIU Executive Agency
  199. Got hired for hit and run accident.
  200. IPIU has given me a wealth of very appreciated material in pursuing my dreams
  201. There is SOooo much information here I can not get away
  202. The information and contacts through IPIU are the best
  203. Just hired full-time as an Investigator today!
  204. The IPIU laid the foundation and I now have my internship with a great agency!
  205. My Testimony and position with any negative posts of IPIU on the web.
  206. I qualified for my gun permit & just got my first child custody case.
  207. Got Hired: He was impressed with my private investigator union photo credentials!
  208. IPIU has the best prices & value in the world!
  209. My story - I owe IPIU a debt that is endless
  210. taught my daughters boyfriend
  211. I Chose My IPIU Membership Plan
  212. All that I have paid and received from IPIU is worth every dime and more!
  213. IPIU is a godsend. The Administration and Forum Moderators are the best around.
  214. Anixiously awaiting the day
  215. Happy Anniversarry To Me 1st. Year
  216. Helped me with thousands of acquaintances, NONE of whom I would have met otherwise!
  217. IPIU is the Real Deal
  218. How IPIU came about for me.....
  219. Employed with law firm as investigator! My continued, long standing service to IPIU!
  220. Hired as a undercover private investigator! Thanks IPIU for making my dream a reality
  221. You're Hired! Official Title: Investigator
  222. Still Waiting For Test Scores
  223. I heard that IPIU was . . . (Revised apology)
  224. Got my PI business cards from IPIU today!
  225. I'm sorry about posting some things that was gossip and not facts.
  226. The Best Decision I Ever Made (IPIU for being everything they say they are and more)
  227. The Heart of IPIU are the members here, PLUS I want to share other Good News!
  228. In one day I had e-mails galore! My PI Agency Corp name was submitted, & I was in business!
  229. PI Trainee Earned $200+ for recent piracy case
  230. Becoming a member from Norway is wonderful
  231. I Finally Got My PI Certificate!
  232. My first training assignment
  233. My FREE Private Investigator e-books!
  234. IPIU is the highest grade of professional. Some call it too strict... I say Bravo!
  235. The IPIU Program: This is the real deal Holyfield!!
  236. What does the IPIU do? That question will be answered as you read on.
  237. IPIU: So much information
  238. She wrote: "Got my Custom Badge and Wallet Love It!"
  239. Thanks IPIU: This is the best forum I have had the privilege of joining.
  240. Trainee earns over $2500.00 for 3 hours of Piracy work
  241. Today I can easily pick and choose the assignments that I want and they range from $20/hr to $300 per assignment.
  242. Dedication, hard work, committment and dependability are the keys to success.
  243. Received my manual! Excellent information! Glad I found IPIU!
  244. Joined and Rejoiced
  245. Applied today, past their online test, and have 2 assignments already!
  246. Had a Criminal Investigative Case for 2 days at $55/hr. What a learning experience!
  247. Returning Member: "It was a good organization before but now things are great!"
  248. "Joining a Private Investigators Union can be Beneficial"
  249. I made ten times back from my IPIU Dues, & now in my second year!
  250. IPIU thanks again.