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"Today, I completed my 20th assignment since joining the International Private Investigators Union. It's nice to have a great support group with IPIU. Working with the IPIU has been a learning and training journey. Almost everyday there is a new opportunity. I cannot accept every assignment, due to location or type of job. But it feels good to have a lot of activity." Peter Loncar - Pennsylvania

"I joined the International Private Investigators Union, got all the paperwork in, and started my first assignment. Took me awhile because of the delays with work and family, the same old story. IPIU is really exciting. I've completed many assignments and am always looking for more. I just became certified within my state/county as a Process Server and now looking into Bounty Hunting. I have found the IPIU to be both information and very motivating!" Debra Euler - Oregon

"I am amazed at all the information I have come across since joining the International Private Investigators Union IPIU." Peggy Thornhill - Florida

"How could you NOT enjoy IPIU! I have been here for about a month now and I can not say enough about it. If I NEVER get a job using this site I will still feel that I got my moneys worth! The knowledge available here is priceless! The people here are some of the most generous and helpful people I have ever dealt with. Taking on anything new is always a challenge but after finding this site I know I have the best of the best backing me. I guess it just makes me more confident knowing that I have the IPIU in my corner helping me achieve my dreams. If youíre here because you are trying to decide if you should become a member, I have to tell you that I think itís one of the best decisions I have made to date." Barbara Ryan - Pennsylvania

"The bottom line my friends and fellow IPIU members: what money you spend with IPIU - and what you have available through all that IPIU has to offer - is worth more than any other educational programs you can go through. I am not saying other programs won't help; I am saying that IPIU gives you EVERY direction, the help and support to guide you through the PI process. I do this more as a hobby for now but intend to make it full time as I gain the experience. As a member for a little over 6 months now I have gained a wealth of knowledge through IPIU and it's "fingertips" to the exstensive issues that have evolved in the PI industry. Terry Frampton - Colorado

"I am lucky to have found the International Private Investigators Union (IPIU) and such an organized and disciplined organization. God knows how many have probably been dissappointed with some mail order school and promised castles in the sky. I for one have noticed that this Union, IPIU, gives a lot to its members. We can find oodles of information and learn for ourselves how to do tasks that might come our way in the future. Thank you all for your support for IPIU." Edwin Garcia - Florida