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Thread: N.Y. Licensing

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    N.Y. Licensing

    O.K. I've been able to determine that you need 3 years experience as a P.I. in New York to take the Licensing exam. My questions are:

    1) Do you have to work under 1 specific licensed investigator for 3 years or does the state just want 3 years general experience as a P.I.?

    2) If you work for several agencies over the 3 years, how do you prove to the state how much experience you have? Does being registered with the IPIU automatically mark the beginning of the 3 year period?

    Hope the truth is out there!

    Michael Wilk

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    Can someone move my question into the "P.I. Licensing:New York" topic? I started a new one by accident.


    Michael Wilk

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    take a look at other threads too.

    O.A.C.V. Sr.

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    Re: take a look at other threads too.

    Originally posted by Omar Castro
    This is an idea let me know if you are interested.

    Please click on the following private forum and look for your name:

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