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Thread: Whitney Houston & Elvis Presley - TOO YOUNG TO DIE - Some thoughts to share

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    Whitney Houston & Elvis Presley - TOO YOUNG TO DIE - Some thoughts to share

    With the passing of Whitney Houston this last weekend, my thoughts were drawn to the emotional impact of great films, great recording artists, and how life is too short for many of them.

    Whitney was just a teenager, like many of the early British Rock members of my generation, when she was recognized for her unique talent and signed immediately.

    Is it any wonder the following video stands as one of the all time greatest moments for those of us who experienced the film, THE BODYGUARD, with Kevin Costner?

    Listen to how strong her vocal cords are in this precious moment. Many other artists have tried to sing this song, but none have come close:

    This video looks better if you click on the FULL SCREEN

    My thoughts were also drawn back to one of the greatest artists in the world, Elvis Presley, who recorded more hits than any other legend. He too died too young.

    I located a very nice video one of his songs used to describe the aftermath of his breakup with his only wife, Priscilla.

    Priscilla was a minor in school when they met, and he was getting ready to go to the Army Bootcamp.

    Looking back at the home movies and their courtship in the 1950's, their love is something we do not see in today's culture where sleeping around and having lots of sex is what the youth deem as fashionable and required before getting married (if they marry at all). There are some sectors of this world where virtue still means something, and the love that Elvis and Priscilla enjoyed in their few years of marriage was more real, in my opinion, then some of the people who just live and sleep together and have babies (or abort and kill them).

    This video looks better if you click on the FULL SCREEN. And something else you will enjoy is.... you will actually understand the words of the song, unlike the screaming of rap and other noise that has become popular.

    Let me know your thoughts and feelings:

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    Thumbs up Re: Whitney Houston & Elvis Presley - TOO YOUNG TO DIE - Some thoughts to share

    Very nice and true. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and videos.

    Question is, did we learn our lessons? And if so, what are we doing about our youth who is deemed to be our future? We all know that the Unites States of America is waging three wars: war on terror, war on gangs and war on drugs. All these three wars involve our youth and youth from all over the world as well. What are we doing about all of these?

    An important journalist and Nobel Prize-winning novelist, Henryk Sienkiewicz, is best known internationally for a historical novel titled Quo Vadis. I was 13 or 14 years of age when I read this novel forbidden in my country of descent. I might not recall everything, but there is one thing that remained in my memory all these years of life, which is: "Domine, quo vadis (Lord, where are we going)?" Will we ever know the answer?

    Thank you for reading.

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