September 28, 2011

Licensed Private Investigator - New York
Must be former FBI Agent
Case is in Brooklyn, New York

For International Private Investigator Agency

Case involves client who has been harassed, bullied, and vandalized. Possible electronic surveillance needed to acquire evidence for both civil and criminal followup.

Client resides in Brooklyn, New York

Based on Experience.

  1. You must have a current New York State Private Investigators License, or a recognized and acceptable reciprocal state PI License from another state. If not, contact your local government's licensing bureau.

  2. Application Fee: NONE

  1. Must be Former FBI Agent

  2. Must have New York State PI License or other reciprocal state PI License valid to operate in New York State.

  3. Must have at least Level 1 FREE GUEST PASSWORD Account at the Private Investigators Forum Website: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FREE ONLINE

  1. After you have successfully acquired a free guest password at this web site (see above link), then proceed to the next set of instructions.

  2. Go to the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page (or CLICK HERE)

  3. In the Subject area, choose the option titled "OTHER."

  4. In the Message area, provide us with your full contact information, address, phone, and details so that your info can be forwarded to the agency owner to contact you.

  5. Any other problems, please use the CONTACT US link.

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