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1) We start by incorporating your headquarters in Colorado (because of Colorado's exclusive identity and asset protection laws for corporate owners, plus because of the low maintenance of only $99 per year for your entire corporation fees and headquarters office plan). For more details on why we choose Colorado: Click Here

2) We then establish a confidential and private presidential forum for you and our professional team to work out your personal needs and wishes for obtaining a licensed private investigator to sponsor you and your corporation for a state PI agency license.

3) Once all of the required state documents, insurance, and other applications have been settled, then IPIU will use it's vast resources of over 40,000+ private investigators to obtain a sponsor for your PI Agency License. (We typically receive many more applicants to sponsor your agency than you will ever need, because we secure sponsors using our own proprietary methods. Although rare, in the event a suitable sponsor is not immediately available, we will continue to work diligently in securing a sponsor until you have succeeded).

4) From the number of the sponsors we obtain on your behalf, we will perform the initial interview for prescreening. Once completed, you will interview the best choice(s) and choose the sponsor you want for your agency license. You may also wish to maintain a few back-up sponsors too.

5) All state applications, including the signature of your sponsor, are mailed to the state as a preapproved package. Your hard copy license is typically issued within a few weeks, depending upon the state.

6) Because you are both the president of your agency, plus an employee of your agency, you can generally qualify as a licensed employed private investigator under the main primary Agency License you have.

7) Once yo have your state agency license and your personal PI license, then your "agency" will immediately begin hiring you on a fixed salary for full time 40 hours a week (no matter how low the "salary" is). This begins an official "corporate payroll record" to verify in three years that you would have worked three years (or approximately 6000 hours) as a full time private investigator, should you wish to relieve your sponsor at that time.

8) At the end of three years, you can then start the qualification process to obtain your own personal PI license without the further need of a sponsor. (Although you may be tempted to dismiss your sponsor in 3 years, our polls show that sponsors are typically kept on with the agency in another ongoing spare-time or part-time capacity because of their unique skills and clients they may bring to the agency).

Do not attempt to represent yourself when soliciting for a sponsor. Remember the motto, "Talent cannot represent itself. Talent must always use an Agent." Choose IPIU to solicit for your sponsor and you will not be embarrassed with the typical rejection that so often accompanies a personal request for a "hand-out".

Do not take the non-corporation road. If you choose to go into business as a sole owner without incorporating, you are opening yourself up for enormous risk and potential lawsuits against your personal assets, home, salary. Allow IPIU to incorporate your agency headquarters in the safest state nationwide, at the lowest corporation renewal fees ever.

3 Steps to Approval of your PI License:
  1. Become a Lifetime Corporate Member and request a Corporation Headquarters Plan

  2. Complete the free basic training manual and PI Union License instructions, and obtain your web site and approved free business cards.

  3. Once you have the SPONSOR INSTRUCTIONS posted in your private agency forum, and you have your corporation kit, begin a private forum dialog with our professional team to select and settle the specific needs, insurance, and state applications before choosing your sponsor. This process can take as few as 4-5 days on IPIU's part, depending on other factors. Interviewing your selected sponsor may take a few more days.

  4. After your sponsor signs the remaining documents, your preapproved license package is mailed to the state for the issuing of your hard copy license.

  5. Questions? Call 406-534-0251.

*Some services and time tables are subject to change without prior notice, based on IPIU staffing resources and various state laws