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Training & Assignments a Big Hit!

We received this general email asking what the requirements were for Private Investigator Trainees.

He writes:

"I would like to know some of the requirements of working as a private investigator in my area.

1) Will you require a high school diploma?

2) Will I have to take a test for the state?

3) Will you train me?

4) How much real world wages will be?"

1) A high school diploma is no longer required, and neither is a GED. But you do need to have a high school reading, English, and basic math level because of the reports you will be filing at the conclusion of your assignments. (We have found that some high school graduates cannot spell or perform basic math skills, so the official requirement has been dropped.)

2) No state test, but there is an open-book examination you will take when you have received your training manual. We are more concerned with your general understanding in performance because most of the training is on-the-job. We also offer a free option to help you obtain a state private investigators license, including setting up your own agency.

3) Academic Training will be provided by IPIU through it's free Training Manual and private forums. On-the-job training will be provided by the agencies we have listed in the private members forums.

5) You are more valuable working part-time for six to ten agencies at $20 per hour than working all of your hours for only one agency. IPIU does not prescreen any applicant for under $18 per hour, with the national average at $20 per hour or more, unless it is a long term assignment, such as undercover or surveillance (which nationally may earn a trainee $15 per hour.)

IPIU provides it all for newcomers!

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