Hi folks.

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Each Topic is supposed to have a Title that pertains about a specific subject. If you wish to make a comment about that topic and want to reply to the author of that specific topic, or maybe someone who also replied to the author, just click on the Reply Button inside that topic and that's where your comment will stay.

If you wish to start a new topic about a different subject, then click on the New Thread Button and you become the author of the new topic and subject matter.

Now comes the tricky part.
If you're just Replying to existing Topics . . . . you're safe.
But if you want to start a new topic, make sure your new topic and subject matter are in the right FORUM.

So before you start guessing about which forum you should post your new topic in, the first thing you should do is the following:

1) Go to http://www.ipiu.org/forums/ and look at ALL of the forums and their DESCRIPTIONS.

2) Click on each forum to begin reading the titles of the various Topics that already there.

3) If you happen to see a topic that discusses the SAME SUBJECT matter that you were going to ask, then stop and read that topic, and if needed . . . post a reply inside that topic so that you don't create a duplicate topic.

4) As you roam around all the forums, you will come across some forums that will ask you for your User Name and Password again. That probably means that the forum is private and you have not been cleared (yet) to enter it. Don't worry, just use the BACK arrow and return to select another forum to visit.

5) After you have read the titles of all of the topics in all of the forums you have access to, and if your question is still not answered by another topic, then try your best to choose the correct forum and author a new topic by clicking the New Thread Button.

6) Remember to read the ANNOUNCMENT at the top of each topic list that says Read This First. Personal questions about your personal file information and progress are not discussed on these forums.

Personal inquiries should be emailed here:

But you are free to discuss "general questions", such as the normal time frame of processing that pertains to all of the members.

7) And last, if you just can't figure out which forum to post a new topic, do so in the After Hours Lounge Forum, which is where all of the off-topic and other chit-chat discussions are. A moderator will sure help you.

Now let me give you a clue if you've lost an earlier topic that is nowhere to be found. It was probably moved by technical support to the After Hours Lounge Forum, and when a member Replies to your topic . . . it automatically sends you a direct email notification to take you right back to the new home where it is located. Sometimes Tech Support leaves a redirect note that the topic has been moved, sometimes not. Rarely have I seen a topic really get lost. It was probably moved to the another forum.

If you're anxious to get started, so let me give you a tip.

Send an email to tutor@ipiu.org and wait for a return email with tutorial links that will teach you how to get around and use our software. Then try your testing in the forum titled Test Your Forum Writing Skills Forum, and you'll get more teachers.

Welcome to the Private Investigators Forum. There's nothing like it anywhere in the world! I know, because Iíve been at IPIU for over 10 years.