View Full Version : MD Troopers an Charles County EMT helicopter crash victim

Wardy Landrau - -
10-01-2008, 09:41 AM
Four people were killed early this morning when a Maryland State Police medical evacuation helicopter crashed in a park near Capitol Heights after encountering bad weather, authorities said.

Two Maryland State troopers, a Charles County emergency medical technician were transporting two female patients from a motor vehicle accident to Prince George's Hospital when the crash occurred.

Authorities identified those killed as Stephen H. Bunker, 59, the pilot; Mickey C. Lippy, 34, the flight paramedic, a state trooper first class; Tanya Mallard, 39, an emergency medical technician from rescue squad station 12 in Waldorf; and Ashley Youngler, 18, one of the victims in the vehicle crash.

Jordan Wells, 18, another of the vehicle accident victims, survived in critical condition.

The crash was the deadliest in the 47-year history of the Maryland State Police aviation unit, and the department's first in more than 22 years. The state police operate a fleet of 12 EuroCopter Dauphin helicopters capable of medical evacuations. The unit conducts almost all aerial medical evacuations in Maryland, and are the only such publicly run, statewide service in the country. Trooper 2 that crashed, has routinely ranked as one of the busiest in the country in recent years.

The crew of Trooper 2 reported encountering severe weather while returning from Charles County shortly before midnight. Using a statewide emergency radio system, the crew requested that Prince George's paramedics rendezvous with the helicopter at its hangar at Andrews Air Force Base.

Two ambulances were dispatched to the base and paramedics were standing by, waiting to ferry the patients the remaining 13 miles to Prince George's Hospital when air traffic controllers at the base reported losing radio contact with the helicopter at about 12:30 a.m.