View Full Version : Do bounty hunters always bring in the bad guy?

Christopher Catalano -
01-24-2008, 05:55 PM
I thought this might be a question someone here counld answer...

Do bounty hunters always take down/bring in the bad guy? I am wondering because it seems there could be some situations in this line of work where having law enforcement backing you up could be good.

What if you find a bail jumper and the situation simply warrants that a special tactical team should do the job, would the bounty hunter still get anything?

I've always wondered about this. Thanks!

Shaun Nichols
01-24-2008, 06:43 PM
I do not have much experience with this but i can tell you that the bad guy is not always caught. If you look at some of the shows on T.V they always bring in the bad buys but that is only because they show you the episodes where they caught the guys. They do not show you where they spent several days, weeks, months looking for someone and never found them.

Christopher Catalano -
01-24-2008, 06:52 PM
I appreciate the response, but that's really not the question I was asking. I am well aware of the reality of what you are suggesting. Let me rephrase - My question is does law enforcement sometimes get called in by a bounty hunter due to extenuating or extreme circumstances after he/she locates the jumer, and if so is there still any compensation for having at least making the location?

Robert Munson
01-24-2008, 06:56 PM

First off I would say it is always a good thing to let the local LEO's know that you are working in there area.

Once you locate the person, it is a good thing to let them know that too. They may even offer backup.

This way if anything is reported they are at least aware of you and what you are doing.

As far as compensation goes that is up to you and your employer contract on your payment.

Cynthia Ford
01-25-2008, 02:57 PM
... does law enforcement sometimes get called in by a bounty hunter due to extenuating or extreme circumstances after he/she locates the jumer,Yes.

... if so is there still any compensation for having at least making the location?Yes. The bail bond agency is the firm, who you work for. Your job is to locate. Using a LEO is free.

But remember, not all jumpers are "bad".

Ulysses McDowell
01-26-2008, 05:54 AM
Knowing your subject is vital to your success and your safety. Time time to get the subject's characteristics. For example, is he or she known to be violent.? Does he have an issue with women in authority positions? What's his or her rap sheet look like? If you see a bunch of assault, attempted assault, and confrontation with the police charges, you will definitely want to consider requesting police assistance.


Rupert E MacLean III
02-19-2008, 07:50 PM
Please allow me to answer the original question:

It is always advisable to contact local law enforcement, in person if possible. Provide them the detail on the individual you are attempting to locate, your contact info, your vehicle description, if the subject is extraditable or not, and the addressed believed to be the current location of the subject.

Most law enforcement agencies will NOT assist you. Under the Color of Law, they would incur liability based on your investigation and not their own. There are other extenuating icircumstances as well that can defeat you if they are present.

Do you get paid if the Police make the arrest? It depends on your contract, were you on scene when the apprehension was made etc.

In Bail Enforcement, our job is to cause the exoneration of the bail, mitigating all potential liability on the part of the investigator, the bondsman and his company, and the insurance company if there was one in the relationship.

Often, this is done with cooperation of the local law enforcement with a seasoned investigator that is trusted due to his prior work product, success rate, and professional presentation.


Mark Messare -
11-30-2008, 04:34 AM
Scott has provided truly invaluable information on this topic. I would agree that working with the local LEO is not a bad idea and is in fact required when you go into another area. However if your worried about it you want to make sure you have good documentation before making the pickup in conjunction with the LE. I have heard of situations where the LE is not friendly with Bail Enforcers and it makes their job more difficult.

Mark .