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  1. "Do I need a license as a Private Investigator?"
  2. Are investigators Employees or Independent Contractors?
  4. Michigan: License Needed for Investigative "Consulting" or Loss Prevention?
  5. Louisiana : Licenses and Certification?
  6. Certification of Your Training & Experience.
  7. Question about licensing in Different States
  8. Is insurance needed?
  9. PI LICENSING: Illinois
  10. Would a background check keep you from getting a private investigators license?
  11. State Licensing Requirements: Private Investigators
  12. Working For Attorney as a Trainee?
  13. PI LICENSING: Wisconsin
  14. PI LICENSING: So Dakota
  15. PI LICENSING: Ontario, Canada
  16. PI LICENSING: Arkansas
  17. How do I obtain a License in NC?
  18. Using a Badge that says "PI" in Michigan
  19. Do I have to register in my state as an intern?
  20. PI LICENSING: Washington
  21. Do I Need a License in this matter?
  22. PI LICENSING: Arizona
  23. PI LICENSING: North Carolina
  24. PI LICENSING: Oregon
  25. PI LICENSING: Pennsylvania
  26. PI LICENSING: Louisiana
  27. PI LICENSING: Massachusetts
  28. New Hampshire state lic. Requirements?
  30. PI LICENSING: No Dakota
  31. PI LICENSING: Rhode Island
  32. PI LICENSING: Montana
  33. PI LICENSING: Utah
  34. PI LICENSING: Wyoming
  35. PI LICENSING: West Virginia
  36. PI LICENSING: Minnesota
  37. Summary Topic: Links to Licensing Requirements for All States
  38. I'm from New Jersey
  39. PI LICENSING: New Jersey
  40. PI LICENSING: Maine
  41. License in Kentucky (Old Topic)
  42. Dead-beat-parent Licensing Question!
  43. PI Licensing: Alabama
  44. What do I do Now
  45. PI LICENSING: Hawaii
  46. Requirements for licensing firearms and for concealment permits
  47. Federal firearms restrictions
  48. PI LICENSING: Indiana
  49. What Laws in Ohio
  50. Discussion: Having a license or not.
  51. IPIU Credentials & State
  52. Okinawa
  53. Florida Licensing Exemptions
  54. Working in PA
  55. Info requested on license for Maryland, Delaware, and D.C
  56. PI Licensing: Tennessee
  57. PI LICENSING: Maryland
  58. Do we need a license, or just act as citizen within our lawful rights?
  59. Where do I get bonded?
  60. 3rd party certification
  61. Experience count toward Licensing?
  62. PI Licensing: Kansas
  63. PI LICENSING: Delaware
  64. PI LICENSING: Ohio
  65. Georgia Licensing Exam
  66. PI Licensing: Connecticut
  67. Tracing missing heirs with a license?
  68. Is IPIU an agency? How can IPIU sponsor an intern?
  69. PI Licensing: New York
  70. State approved PI training: Virginia
  71. State approved PI training: Virginia
  72. PI Licensing: Virginia
  74. License to carry in Kansas
  75. Telephone Taping & Recording Laws
  76. PI LICENSING: Nebraska
  77. PI license qualification Question
  78. 7 states that do not have State PI licensing!
  79. Washington, DC licensing help needed !!
  80. Georgia PI License Exam
  81. Sample Licensing Exam Questions
  82. PI LICENSING: Texas
  83. Private Investigator or Case Examiner?
  84. PI LICENSING: California
  85. PI LICENSING: Missouri
  86. PI Licensing: Washington DC
  87. Licenses and Certification in Hawaii?
  88. SC Laws
  89. I did not see Vermont, Help!
  90. Maryland Licensing
  91. Tennessee and Georgia
  92. can i get a job not being certified?
  93. Licensing in Florida
  94. Investigating in Georgia?
  95. PI LICENSING: Georgia
  96. What is on the Ohio PI test
  97. PI LICENSING: Florida
  98. PI LICENSING - England & United Kingdom (No License Required)
  99. Illinois Laws
  100. licensing
  101. First step in RI
  102. Can a convicted felon become a private investigator?
  103. Oregon: No badge permitted by "Licensed" Private Investigators.
  104. Changing States - Do I have to retrain for Licensing?
  105. N.Y. Licensing
  106. Opening a PI Office
  107. Sample Private Investigator tests
  108. PI LICENSING: Michigan
  109. Maryland PI
  110. Investigating in multiple states
  111. Private Investigator license needed for Family Case?
  112. Can I perform suveillance for them and charge them a fee?
  113. PI LICENSING: Nevada
  114. PI LICENSING: Idaho
  115. new web site for Kansas
  116. question about bonding
  117. Question for California PI's
  118. Interstate Investigations, How does this work?
  119. What Is A PERC card?
  120. Looking for licensing information for New Hampshire
  121. NJ/NY Licensing
  122. Missouri Licensing
  123. PI Licensing in Oklahoma
  124. PI Links
  125. Moving to another state...
  126. PI LICENSING: Colorado
  127. Carrying a Badge in GA
  128. What is a Case Examiner versus a Private Investigator?
  129. Investigative Consultant - Minnesota
  130. Licensing Laws for England?
  131. Pa. License Laws
  132. how often
  133. Previous law enforcement experience and training
  134. PI LICENSING: Oklahoma
  135. Licensing For An Already Existing Home-based Agency
  136. Off-topic comments
  137. Are there any limits?
  138. Arrest powers
  139. Miscellaneous
  140. Reciprocity Laws & Interstate Investigations
  141. State to state during investigation
  142. Can P.I.'s carry handcuffs
  143. Question re: if I have a license under an agency already
  144. Kansas City, Missouri
  145. Badge Regulations in the state if Washington
  146. Non-Licensing States
  147. Unregulated Cases versus Regulated Cases for Private Investigators and Case Examiners
  148. Colorado vs Florida?
  149. Resources for State Liscensing
  150. Kansas PI requirements 2004
  151. New Mexico
  152. Non-regulated vs. Regulated Question
  153. Problems with some investigators in Florida
  154. 2004 Licensing "ALL States"
  155. Just got my kit in the mail :)
  156. HELP ! Wyoming Licensing...
  157. CT licensing
  158. When should I begin PI work?
  159. PI Licensing: Saskatchewan
  160. PI Licensing: Manitoba
  161. PI Licensing: British Columbia
  162. PI Licensing: Nova Scotia
  163. PI Licensing: New Brunswick
  164. PI Licensing: Newfoundland
  165. PI License: Alberta
  166. PI LICENSING: Sweden
  167. PI Licensing: Prince Edward Island
  168. Need Help with Licensing Question
  169. Working for a lawyers
  170. PI LICENSING: Vermont
  171. Reciprocating States
  172. Multiple State Licensing
  173. IPIU Study Manual Vs. Ga. State Exam
  174. Looking for information from a Licensed NH PI
  175. NYS Insurance Coverage
  176. Can I do an assignment on my own
  177. Michigan: What can be done without a PI License?
  178. Do I need an license to reposess cars in north carolina
  179. PI Licensing: South Carolina
  180. PI Licensing: Missouri
  181. Training/Experience to obtain Florida Class "C" license
  182. PI LICENSING: Alaska
  183. PERC Renewal Form
  184. Illinois CCW Question
  185. California PI Exam practice questions
  186. Delaware Laws on Independent Contractor?
  187. Out of state licensing
  188. US Department of Labor Statistics
  189. KAPI-Great website for Kansas
  190. Home Office in one state, but I work only in another. Is this okay?
  191. General Licensing Exemptions Information
  192. PI LICENSING: Puerto Rico
  193. State Licensing Authorities
  194. Washington State?
  195. Bounty Hunter credit toward License
  196. Bounty Hunter 3yr credit for PI?
  197. Nice site to find all law enforcement offices
  198. California state License
  199. Is there a National PI license?
  200. PI LICENSING: Kentucky (Revised 2008)
  201. PI LICENSING: Missouri 2007 New Law
  202. Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and databases
  203. Surveillance Specialist?
  204. Need a "20-hour" class? It's offered in Chicago every month.
  205. Reciprocal agreements for PI License in other states?
  206. Executive Protection in CA
  207. ARIZONA Discussion: Statutes and Corporate Exemptions
  208. William Marx, Sr. Personal Inquiry
  209. Asset Protection Officer, Loss Prevention Agent, In-house Detective or Investigator
  210. Federal Statutes - Ownership of Badge
  211. PI LICENSING: Nebraska
  212. PI LICENSING: New Hampshire
  213. Have you been convicted of Moral Turpitude?
  214. Confidential Intermediary License
  215. I'm looking for classes to get licensed as a Confidential Intermediary
  216. PI LICENSING: England & Wales
  217. PI LICENSING: Scotland & Ireland
  218. PI LICENSING: Alabama