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  1. Benjamin Suarez
  2. Private Investigator Trainee jobs require good conversational skills.
  3. National Unemployment at 39.4% for August 1, 2010 Report
  4. $499 Unlimited Airline pass for 30 Days
  6. DUMP SATELLITE & CABLE for FREE TELEVISION: "Google TV" coming Oct 30th
  7. No Credit, No Bank Account? Get a Visa for FREE with no monthly fees (Western Union Moneywise)
  8. Verizon wireless settlement and refund!!!
  9. Be vigilant this holiday season.
  10. Largest tax refund in history goes unclaimed by millions!
  11. I can no longer hear the words to popular music. Am I getting too old when I expect my music lyrics to be heard with clarity?
  12. Registered Sex Offenders
  13. An agent wake-up call!
  14. F.B.I. Kidnappings & Missing Persons
  15. DEA Most Wanted Fugitives
  16. Statute may block manslaughter, sexual assault counts against ex-New Haven man
  17. US congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords shot in Arizona
  18. Air Force Developing Surveillance Mega-Blimp Dubbed 'Blue Devil'
  19. Foreign Lottery Con
  20. Worldwide Caution for ALL U. S. Citizens anywhere!
  21. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Response to LDS (Mormon) Political Candidates
  22. Company Fights Back - Examples of Medi-Cal Fraud
  23. Federal Bills that have been introduced that will effect all of us in the investigative industry.
  24. Romance Scammers Claiming Affiliation With The IC3
  25. Phishing E-mail Claims "Your Federal Tax Payment Was Rejected"
  26. Telephone Cons Offering Virus Removal Services To Gain Remote Access To Victims' Computers
  27. IC3 2010 Annual Report on Internet Crime Released
  29. Primary school teacher photographed children undressing for PE
  30. Dad kept 11-year-old in shackles and strait jacket
  31. Telephone Scammers Are Again Targeting State Businesses
  32. Fugitive evades cop raid
  33. Honors student allegedly pistol-whips mom to get sports car
  34. Internet Crime Complaint Center's (IC3) SCAMMER Alerts
  35. Accidental Death Becomes Suicide When Insurers Dodge Payouts
  36. Private Investigators inquire about why Fox fired Glenn Beck and discover a conspiracy.
  37. Private Investigators and Trainees are paying $2.80 cents a gallon as of April 20, 2011 in southern border states
  38. I want one of these to park in my driveway
  39. Free Television through ROKU Device
  40. !!! Urgent call for assistance in Florence New Jersey !!!
  41. DO YOU HAVE ONE DOLLAR? Developer Offers New Homes for $1 Down
  42. Child Predators The Online Threat Continues to Grow--According to the FBI
  43. Computer Crime & Intellectual Property
  44. Tracking a Computer Hacker
  45. Citizen's Guide to United States Federal Child Exploitation Laws
  46. Citizen's Guide to United States Federal Exploitation Laws-Child Support
  47. Christian (Mormon) Finds More Than $40,000 Cash in Utah Home, Returns it to Owners
  48. END OF THE WORLD? Yahoo Mail Shuts Down for 8 Hours!
  49. Prepaid Cards Attract Money Launderers
  50. Lockheed Martin May have Suffered Security Breach.
  51. What people in 1910 thought the year 2000 would be like
  52. Match.com Screening For Sex Offenders a Partial Solution
  53. Lawyer-Magician Arrested in Child Sex Sting
  54. Security Expertís Credit Card Hacked
  55. In Florida, Criminals Pose as Police More Frequently and for More Violent Ends
  56. Spammers Start Their Own URL-Shortening Services
  57. Bail bondsmen arenít bad guys
  58. The Case for E-Mail Encryption
  59. Iowa Veteran Finds Himself Lost in VA's Benefits Logjam
  60. Woman banned from every WalMart in America for life!
  61. Work in the White House. Earnings about $20 per hour
  62. SFC Leroy Petry receives the Medal of Honor!
  63. The Myth of a "True" Credit Score for Private Investigator Newcomers & Trainees
  64. Top Ten Auction Sites to Buy and Sell?
  65. Things You May or May NOT Have Known About Your Cell Phone
  66. MagicJack without a Computer!!
  67. What has you motivated to work 110 hours in one week? One professional worked from 110 to 141 hours!
  68. Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs has died.
  69. Personal Opinion Only: Gov Jerry Brown This Week
  70. Gov Christie Endorses Romney Ahead of GOP Debate
  71. Wanted by the FBI for white collar crimes
  72. Libyan People proving to be SAVAGES and are not worth our time and resources to help improve their country
  73. Billy Joel Live in Long Island 1982 - DVD!
  74. 50 Million out of work
  75. 2 Minnesota women guilty of aiding Somali terror group
  76. Why you might be vulnerable to hackers (but donít know it)
  77. Windows 8 to let you use a picture as your password
  78. Facebook faces lawsuit over facial-recognition feature
  79. Could Domestic Surveillance Drones Spur Tougher Privacy Laws?
  80. New California Background Check Laws Impacting Employers Take Effect January 1 2012
  81. Operation Ghost Click International Cyber Ring That Infected Millions of Computers Dismantled
  82. 4-Year College Degree, starts at $8.10/hr, plus 4 more years Walmart gets to $17/hr
  83. Whitney Houston & Elvis Presley - TOO YOUNG TO DIE - Some thoughts to share
  84. U.S. Law Firms Continue to be the Target of Counterfeit Check Scheme
  85. Pregnant at 8 weeks? Add another 4 weeks, and you can see your baby
  86. Free Pencils.
  87. DON'T MESS WITH OUR TOYS! Camp Arifjan Prepared to wipe A** if messed with
  88. Stars are not made.. Stars are born - Petra's Topic
  89. Microsoft to kill Windows XP in two years - FREE UPGRADE?
  90. DO NOT LOSE YOUR INTERNET - Free Internet/Computer check up by FBI warning 2012
  91. Is LINKEDIN.COM a RIP OFF or a S-CAM ?
  92. World's Largest Swimming Pool, including Resort Hotels!
  93. 4-Drawer Legal Size Metal Filing Cabinet ($10), Metal Desk ($5), Police Motorcycle,, Ambulance ($100), Undercover Police Car ($125)
  94. ORDER YOUR T-SHIRT: "I Built My Business, Mr. President!"
  95. It Ain't Nothing but a Meatball - Biblical Source to Handling Everyday Big Meatball Issues?
  98. Quotes of the moment.
  99. Are you a leader or a follower? Sample ideas for wannabe leaders to consider.
  100. NEW ROMNEY-RYAN VIDEO - Let's Get Fisal (Girl) VERSUS Obama Girl!
  101. ASTRONAUTS SCHEDULED TO touch down on MARS in ten years!
  102. Maryland State of Emergency - Hurricane Sandy - 2012
  103. Interesting 2011 Crime Statistics for United States.
  104. Excedrin or Obamacin? Which medication do you prefer?
  105. Any History Buffs? American Revolution Era
  106. Troops celebrate Thanksgiving in Afghanistan
  107. IDENTITY THEFT: How to detect a card skimmer on an ATM
  108. Please Sign White House Petition to: Deport British Citizen Piers Morgan for Attacking 2nd Amendment
  109. New Gun Law restricts me to having less than 8 bullets in my home. Constitutional crisis as government takes away right to bear arms
  110. My heart dropped today as I watched and listened to a memory of my teen years
  111. Mormons doing more with 10% than the government can do with 50% ?
  112. A look inside: Missionaries who serve at their own expense - for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Mormons)
  113. Horror stories and videos of signing up for student loans.
  114. Private Investigators have personal lives too, including our favorite songs and videos
  115. Family in shock after hate letter targets teen with autism
  116. Why waste the next 4 years getting a degree that is not in demand? TAKE A PREVIEW of the TOP HIRING JOBS FOR 2018!
  117. ALERT - TA13-253A: Microsoft Updates for Multiple Vulnerabilities
  118. TSA Travel Tips
  119. Security Updates Available for Adobe Products
  120. The take-over of the United States was predicted in 1965 by Paul Harvey. Watch Video and compare to where the USA is today
  121. Computer System/Cyber & Related Security Alerts
  122. Your help is needed to STOP the new internet sales tax from affecting you
  123. Excellent BYU Devotional Video, by Brian Wilcox: His Grace Is Sufficient
  124. Free Online Calculator for Federal Taxes
  125. What is Selective Listening?
  126. 20 Ideas for feeding hungry missionaries
  127. Earl Nightingale - Children are Tad Nightingale, David Nightingale, and Pam Nightingale Aronson
  128. New site calculates how long you will live on average.
  129. Jim Rohn, Honorary Chairman of the Board - IPIU
  130. The most hideous promotion of camping with a laptop
  131. From all of us at IPIU, Merry Christmas!
  132. Missionaries Cut Through Russian Ice for Unique Baptism (Photo)
  133. Clinton cackle allegedly heard with in song titled Wipe Out, referring to her personal email server
  134. 687 Children Die while parents go shopping - Is your child at risk?
  135. Walmart Cancels Shipping Pass February 1, 2017 - ShippingPass no longer available
  136. Instant free: See if your credit file was hacked thru Equifax.
  137. New Nationwide Map
  138. Iran can choose either Food or Nuclear Toys - (Opinion)
  139. 240 Million in United States believe: Christine Blasey Ford can immediately resolve her 36 year old high school trauma about Brett Kavanaugh. Why continue to ignore the relief in favor of more pain? To what end?